Weddings at Poole Court, Yate and Berkeley Square Hotel, Bristol.

In my youth I spent a Saturday with a family friend who ran a wedding business. We covered three weddings that day, all of them with a series of set pictures, basically a group pic, a couple pic and a cake cutting pic and maybe a confetti one if including in the package. Shot on a Hasselblad we ended the day with 12 rolls of 120 film (12 exposures on each if I recall correctly). He was one of the wealthier friends that my parents knew.

Nowadays its dawn till dusk being formal candid and creative. Each wedding has a similar narrative but the expectation is a unique day in pictures. This can be very daunting at the beginning of the day when the bag is empty but extremely rewarding when the bag is full of visual goodies at the end.

These are some pics from two weddings earlier this year.

The first are of the lovely Amy and Tom at Poole Court in Yate. As well as Amy, Tom’s pride and joy are his reconditioned Skodas. The second is the very chilled Alice and Ian at the funky Berkeley Square Hotel, with the added bonus of Cabot Tower just round the corner.

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