Seven Dwarves and Ms Snow White. 

 Met this lot a couple of weeks ago while taking my imaginary dog called Dyson out for a walk at Blaise Castle. Friendly enough bunch, apparently they’re moving out of their little thatched cottage in Blaise and going to the Bristol Hippodrome for the winter. The main man, a Mr Professor Warwick Davis (Prof to his mates) told me it was because Ms Snow White was finding it difficult keeping on top of the housekeeping, as all her home help was either asleep or had flown south for the winter.

 They were up for a quick photo with a few of their chums, after which each of them gave Dyson a friendly pat (which was fantastic because he’s only imaginary) then we made our farewells. But not before I had to promise to come see them at the Bristol Hippodrome before the New Year.

  The amazing thing is, you can’t believe how much mess an imaginary dog can make of your car when he’s been frolicking in the grounds of Blaise Castle.

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