Remembrance Sunday

Sadly it’s still a part of the human condition to default to conflict. Arrogantly we stand at the top of the food chain with our technologically advanced sharp sticks and cannot help display more savagery than those we share with or dominate on this planet.

I wouldn’t go to war for the spurious reasons we have in recent years (IT’S ONLY ABOUT THE OIL). I would however for those close to me and at times in history we have had to do just that. Although we are quite within our rights to question the governments that send troops to war I don’t believe we should question the troops that follow the orders. I’m thankful we have the armed forces, I’m thankful some one else will do that job without question, I’m thankful because such people have given me the choice not to participate. Governments create wars, soldiers just enact them.

I’ve photographed many Remembrance ceremonies, old boys with medals and the laying of wreaths etc, but these two images for me, signify the true cost for being at liberty to write this.