My Sony RX 100 MKIII, a new addition.


  ‘Just in case’ is my mantra for why I need my camera and its entourage of lenses and flashes, even when I’m not being paid to lug the stuff around. It’s hard to convey the nightmare scenario of a having a beautiful moment present itself in all its photographic wantonness, only to find oneself impotent with no kit to hand. (And there might be the the possibility of selling the image on).  
 But do I really need to run the risk of something happening to my kit when I’m just out and about. Do I need those waves of nausea, when I think I’ve left my livelihood hanging on the back of a chair, only to find it hanging round my neck all along. (This experience is not unlike momentarily losing ones young offspring in a supermarket, only to find them behind your shopping trolley). 
 Do I really have to put up with the perennial conversation at social events: ‘Nice camera, I bet that set you back a bit. I thought of upgrading my kit, but I had the mother in law’s bungalow built instead’  
 I've been looking at the smaller and cheaper options out there. I’m aware that mobile phones have a certain photographic facility, but I tend only to talk to my camera when it goes wrong and I just can’t get used to not having a viewfinder. 
 Hence I’ve opted for the Sony RX100 MKIII (The MKIV being a tad too expensive to hang from the wrist). It’s got enough resolution and flexibility to be able to inflect some personality into the photographs and a viewfinder with a heads up display that gives the Terminator’s a run for its money. All this and it will actually fit in my pocket.  
There will always be a compromise with the smaller option, but the facility to take quality photos with just a snappy, kind of reminds me of why I fell in love with this profession in the first place. 

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