John Lewis prom dress competition 

Another year, another John Lewis, Cribbs Causeway prom dress competition and every year they up the ante. Not only a week’s access to John Lewis’ haberdashery and its staff’s expertise this time, but a professional makeover and catwalk finish at Oldown Manor for this year’s seven finalists. 

 Remarkably, although open to both genders, the dressmaking competition doesn’t seem to draw in many chaps. I suppose a bunch of lads turning up in their own prom dresses may make the whole affair look like a gate crash from a Jane Austen themed stag party. (Although one year, there was a young man who designed and made a dress for a female friend).

 I suggest a 'bake off' type competition, specifically, the baking of pies. A pies attribute is that it can imbue both feminine and masculine qualities; An apricot bake with a fine lattice work décor or a 'meat n' gravy' pie to fill the hand. The distinction is obvious. Just saying "Meat Pie" makes me drop an octave. Alas I think (in fact I know) that health and safety and logistical difficulties will scupper that idea.

 But for now, we still have the wonderful creations, designed and made by some very talented young ladies (and the occasional boy) to enjoy.

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