Day trip to London.


 The brief was as follows: “We need around 350 head shots of our staff for our intranet site. They are spread over five offices of which one is at The Pall Mall, London”.


 It’s been a while since I ‘ve driven into central London, nearly 20 years in fact. The main piece of advice given by those that have more experience was basically “Take no prisoners”. Last minute lane changes, one way systems, barracking cab drivers, gormless pedestrians, non-existent signage all this I could handle. However I was unprepared for the London courier. There are arrogant/suicidal cyclists present in Bristol but nothing on the scale in London. And not just cyclists but motor-cyclists. In London if you don’t have the peripheral vision of a house-fly you’re liable to end up with a Kawasaki 500 embedded in your boot or wing. And if you‘re first at the traffic lights, luminous lycra clad skinny beings on two wheels swarm around you, some with the audacity to place their hands on your vehicle. When green shows you’re paralysed for about 30 seconds as a blur of spokes and peddles scatter out in front of you.


 Having made it to the London office it was becoming clear that I was managing to get through the head count far quicker than anticipated. So I was asked if I could spend any ‘loose time’ taking photos of the views from the office windows, as these could also be used for there intranet site. Although the windows were small and quite high up the narrow view points made a nice set of visual souveniers from my day in The Big Smoke.


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