Cardboard City, College Green, Bristol.

 Even as I approached the cordoned off area on Bristol’s College Green, the site of what would be a cardboard city for Bristol Play Day, my heart sank. I could see kids having the time of their lives, mucking about with the ‘waste’ cardboard’, interacting, constructing, laughing. I could see the photo moments popping into view one after the other and all I could think was “I’m going to spend most of my time, not photographing these moments but stopping these moments, destroying these moments, while I interrupt a kid, IN THE MOMENT! To ask if their parent or guardian is around so that I can ask permission to photograph the moment which now doesn’t exist”.

 As it happened the marvellous people that organised this event, Bristol Play Network and The Children’s Scrap Store, had asked for consent to anyone entering the area that photographs could be taken and used in public media with a caveat that if you didn’t then just tell the photographer. (I was asked once).

 What you see is a mere smattering of the photos taken.

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