Bristol Hippodrome Christmas Panto Dick Whittington Promotional Photoshoot.

‘Keep Christmas in December’ a sentiment I totally agree with in response to the earlier and earlier encroachment of the start of the Christmas season.

 However for logistical reasons the Bristol Hippodrome Christmas Pantomime promotional photoshoot has always taken part in September.

 This year its Dick Whittington starring Britain’s Got Talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey as Alice Fitzwarren and her dog, Ben Faulks (aka Mr Bloom from CBeebies) as Dick Whittington, X Factors Brenda Edwards as Fairy Bowbells, panto dame Eric Potts and perennial funny man Andy Ford.

 Andy Ford as Idle Jack is a brilliant performer to photograph. Switching effortlessly from attentive accommodating professional to his hilarious stage persona as I lift the lens for the photo.

 There’s a two hour window where film, tv, radio photographers and journalists vie to grab some time with members of the cast.

 The shoots are a manic flurry of improvisation. There are no sets at this time just the Bristol Hippodrome itself as the backdrop.  Apart from a formal ten minute shoot out the front, it’s a matter of stealing small photo opportunities within the building as cast members become available.

 Mad and hectic but always a joy to do.